Why First Fiduciary?


Performance + Peace of Mind

First Fiduciary focuses on providing our clients with peace of mind while generating superior long-term growth of their assets.

Consistent And Proven Investment Strategy

Investors know what to expect from First Fiduciary. We invest in large, well-established companies selling at significant discounts relative to their intrinsic values. We look for companies that are rich in assets with solid dividend yields—a time-tested strategy in place since the firm’s founding.

Upside Potential, Downside Risk Management

Our investment approach provides the opportunity to generate superior risk-adjusted returns over an entire market cycle by participating in rising markets, protecting capital in down periods and reducing portfolio volatility.

Team-Based Process

First Fiduciary’s investment approach is strengthened by the power of team-based decisions. Our investment professionals average more than 30 years of investment experience and are accountable for research as well as stock selection and portfolio management.

Client-Centered Relationships

Clients know First Fiduciary’s investment team is always available to discuss their portfolios and address their questions and needs.

Performance + Peace of Mind

The First Fiduciary Advantage