Our Unique Approach to Investing

First Fiduciary’s unique investment process is instrumental in delivering superior risk-adjusted performance.

  • 1. Define the Universe of Candidates
  • A stock must be dividend-paying, traded on a US exchange and greater than $10 billion in market capitalization
  • 2. Screen Universe
  • We use a disciplined analytical approach to identify candidates for our portfolio, including screens for risk, dividend payment history and statistical cheapness.
  • 3. Select Stocks
  • First Fiduciary’s team-based process combines competitive evaluation, fundamental analysis and third-party research.
  • 4. Construct Portfolio
  • Purchase decisions are a function of conviction and risk management, and portfolios are designed to have above-average dividend yields and low betas.
  • 5. Monitor Portfolio
  • Stocks are subject to ongoing oversight after purchase, and our sell discipline is based on the same analytical concepts used in stock selection.

Performance + Peace of Mind

The First Fiduciary Advantage